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Positioning Your Spa

New spas should be positioned on a flat concrete surface minimum 7ft sq. (2.2M sq.). If you have a Deck then ideally it should be cut through the deck to rest on a flat surface underneath. (The hot tub must not lay in a well where water cannot escape and there must be access to the side panels) If you have a Deck then ensure that it can support the weight (150 lbs per sq. ft. loading). Paving slabs or pea shingle are also ok making sure that the area can drain. Slabs can be directly laid on a bed of sand on a firm level lawn. No plumbing is required for installation of spas, only access to a hose pipe. There should be no electrical sockets or appliances within 2M of the tub.

Tub Installation

We include in the price, positioning on a suitably prepared surface and connection to an appropriate power supply (See below). Our engineers will then fill your new spa, check its operation and give instruction on its use.

Electricity Supply

For larger hot tubs a new 32 Amp MCB ("C" type) should be installed in the fuse box/consumer unit along with a 30mA RCD if there is not one already installed (An RCD/ELCB is essential), smaller spas require 13 Amps. A new cable should be run to the position of the tub, the maximum required is 6 sq. mm (depending on the spa). SWA cable should be used if it is run outside. A switch to enable the spa to be turned off during maintenance should also be installed. A suitably qualified electrician should be employed to do this work.

We reserve the right to change the specification of the products in the interest of improvement. All dimensions and other specifications are approximate and for guidance only. We also reserve the right to refuse to connect a spa if our installation engineers think that the electricity supply is inadequate for any reason.

Immersion in water above 104ºF (40ºC) can be dangerous to your health. Pregnant women, young children (below 5 years of age) and the elderly should consult their doctor before using a Spa bath or hot tub. *Price includes vat & delivery within a 50 mile radius of Ipswich. Prices subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates.